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DePalma-Enterprises - Web Site Designers and Web Hosting Services
Marketing Your Web Site
This is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of our businesses.  It can be the single most important contributor to your web site's return on investment.

Advertising on the internet is one of the least expensive ways to broadcast your message worldwide.  The average site costs less than $400. a year to host.  Whereas, the average newspaper ad costs $600 for a single insertion and a full page in the yellow pages can run upwards of $4,000 a MONTH!

Having a well put together web page is a good advertising investment.
To do it right  takes forethought and knowledge of marketing.  You can have a pretty page but it needs the right meta tags for search engines to find it or you are just floating around out there.

Together, we carefully select a site description and keywords, then submit your site to the top search engines.  We continue to monitor the results, analyze effectiveness, and make changes as needed to ensure an excellent return on your investment.  There are a number of "tricks of the trade", which our marketing- oriented company can employ, while avoiding the pitfalls of trying to "out-smart" search engines or directory editors.

Since many search engines now use "link popularity" in their rankings, we employ link building strategies such as reciprocal link relationships with related businesses.  We have developed the "Hot Spots" program which links all of our sites to each other and it has significantly raised the ranking of each of the sites on our server.

We continue to submit the sites on our server to new search engines online and guide our clients into securing appropriate  links from other sources.

We accept Visa and Master Card
Knowledgeable * Affordable * Flexible

Specialists in creating Web sites for all types of small and large businesses, charitable organizations,
and personal pages for individual clients.

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