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DePalma-Enterprises - Web Site Designers and Web Hosting Services
Domain Registration
What is a domain name?
Domain names are the familiar, easy to remember names for computers on the Internet (such as depalma-enterprises.com). They match to numbers (called Internet Protocol numbers) that serve as addresses on the Internet. Domain names are  a convenient way of locatinginformation and reaching others on the Internet.

Do I need my own domain name?
It is not necessary to use a separate domain name for a web site.  If your web site audience can find the site in another way, your site can be part of another domain, such as depalma-enterprises.com.  Many organizations, however, prefer to have their own names.

What does it mean to "register" a domain name?
The Internet domain name system (DNS) is made up of a directory of all the domain names and their corresponding computers registered to particular companies and persons using the Internet. When you register a domain name, it will be associated with the computer on the Internet you designate during the period the registration is in effect. Information about who is responsible for domain names is publicly available to allow rapid resolution of technical problems and to permit enforcement of consumer protection, trademark, and other laws.

What is the advantage of owning a domain name?
One of the main advantages of owning your own name is that you can keep your Email address permanent.  Many clients change their personal intenet connections multiple times.  They go from aol to mediaone to att. and they have to change their email address each time they move.  When you own your own  domaine name you can publicize your address as you@yourdomainename.com and your mail will stay the same wherever you go.  We simply forward it to your new address just like the post office does when you move your house.
Your address stays the same as long as you own the domain name.  Think of the savings when you have to reprint business
cards, stationery etc. 

In addition, organizations can keep the same address for contact.  Mail sent to  treasurer@myorganization.org can go to the current officer and when the new administration takes over, we forward the mail to new officer. 

DePalma Enterprises  will register the name you select  with Network Solutions - InterNIC. You can choose the number of years you wish to purchase from 1-10 years. We charge  $35.00 per year to maintain your registration with Network Solutions

Only registrars accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) are authorized to register .com, .net,  .org and .biz names in the registry.  DePalma Enterprises will complete your registration process and payment.

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Specialists in creating Web sites for all types of small and large businesses, charitable organizations,
and personal pages for individual clients.

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